Welcome to aiotasks’s documentation!

Project site http://github.com/cr0hn/aiotasks
Author Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) - @ggdaniel
Documentation http://aiotasks.readthedocs.org
Last Version 1.0.0
Python versions 3.5 or above

aiotasks: A Celery like task manager that distributes Asyncio coroutines

What’s aiotasks

aiotasks is an asynchronous & distributed task queue / jobs queue, implemented as coroutines and based on Python asyncio framework.

Based on the Celery Task Queue ideas, but distributing coroutines and doing focus in performance, non-blocking & event-driven concepts.

aiotasks doesn’t pulling and doesn’t has active waiting for incoming jobs, instead use asyncio framework to suspend the execution until any new data are received by a new broker notification.


aiotasks is still under development. Not as active as I would like (for time limitations), but the project is in active development.

If you want to contribute, take a look to the TODO.md file.

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