aiotasks supports various backends. All of them are event-driven queue systems.

Currently supported backends are:

  • Redis
  • Memory

Planned supported in near future:

  • RabbitMQ (AMQP)
  • ZeroMQ

Panned supported in more long future:

  • etcd
  • consul

How to specify a backend

The backends should be specified as a URI format. This is:



To configure the Redis backend we must to specify the BACKEND_TYPE as redis, following this format: redis://HOST:PORT/DB


Connect to localhost and default Redis options:

from aiotasks import build_manager

manager = build_manager("redis://")


Custom Redis server, with the information:

  • Redis password: mypassword.
  • Custom host:
  • Redis database: 12.
from aiotasks import build_manager

manager = build_manager("redis://:mypassword@")



Memory is a special backend type. It should be used for small workload systems or development environments.

This execution mode is useful to do small and local tasks. For example: If you’re using aiohttp and you only want to send an email in a background way, you can use the standalone way and the memory backend.

The BACKEND_TYPE type is memory and the format is: :memory://.


from aiotasks import build_manager

manager = build_manager("memory://")